Hair Cleaning

Shampoo designed to wash the scalp and hair of dirt and scalp to breath so you want to protect your hair, you should always wash your hair and massage, hair is often in a clean state. Before each time you wash your hair, it is best to take time to comb a comb their hair, then part of the knot unravel and motive of the comb is dirt with dirt and hair on the scalp, using the comb to comb it out. When washing your hair, water wet hair first, and then use the shampoo. Put shampoo on the hair at the beginning, and belly rubs washes like a massage with your fingers. The epidermis layer is used to clean the scalp because hair easy to scalp sebum and sweat and get dirty, knead and wash it carefully. Second again with half the amount of shampoo to wash for the first time, wash well with water after repeated washing until no shampoo hair thoroughly so far.

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