Hair Physiology

Hair can be divided into the bottom hair papilla, hair follicle, hair roots and dry hair into four parts. Hair Physiology and function depends largely on the scalp skin following dermal papilla and hair follicle and sebaceous glands.

Hair follicles for hair roots in the DermIS layer of section, by the neimaogen sheath, outer root sheath and hair balls, late neimaogen sheath of hair growth is directly adjacent to the sheath and hair. Neimaogen the sheath is stiff, thick-walled tubes of keratin, which determines the hair growth section shape. Neimao sheath lower three layers: HUXLEY sheath, HENLE sheaths and neimaogen surface of the sheath. Before the hair keratin, neimaogen with sheath and hair growth, its sources are bottom reproduction of the hair follicle cells. Close to the epidermis, neimaogen sheath and skin and hair follicles release.

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